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Kettle’s Yard is partnering with Club United, a youth club based at the Meadows Community Centre, Arbury, to enable young people to document their community through photography.

During the school holidays Club United have been working with artists Rob Birch and Hilary Cox.  Inspired by the 1980s project, Arbury is Where we Live, the group explored how Arbury has changed throughout the years, meeting neighbours and discovering what people like about living in the area.

Interviewing members of the Lawn Green Bowling Club at the Meadows Community Centre

I’ve joined a photography club at school. I want to find out about how you become a photographer.” Larissa, Club United member.

In October, Club United visited Kettle’s Yard and were inspired by the light, the natural objects and patterns within the house.  The group created beautiful responses to what they had seen using found objects from around the community centre.

Walnuts in a square by Larissa, responding to natural objects and form at Kettle’s Yard

Photographer Katherine Green met with the Club United girls group to talk to them about photography.  Katherine’s work explores the bonds of community and often evolves through conversation and discussion.  Katherine will work with the girls and support them to improve their photographic skills.

Courtney has not stopped talking about Kettle’s Yard since visiting it at Castle Hill Open Day.” Amy Chapman, Young People’s Worker, Cambridge City North Locality.

Courtney documenting Kettle’s Yard at Castle Hill Open Day 2013

Arbury is Where we Live…Now is part of an on-going relationship between Kettle’s Yard and neighbouring communities in north Cambridge.