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This summer, Kettle’s Yard worked with a year 8 art class from North Cambridge Academy on a project called ‘Descriptions of Space’.  Over the course of the term, the students explored the work of a number of Kettle’s Yard artists interested in new ways of representing space – from Isabella Martin’s map of North Cambridge and Johann Arens’ installations for their school to Naum Gabo’s sculptures.

The project included workshops with artists and a visit to the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, followed by the challenge of sharing their new skills with a year 7 class. All this work counted towards the completion of a Bronze Arts Award.

As part of the project, the students explored many different techniques for making creative maps. The class worked with illustrator Joe Lyward to make designs for a new map of their school, which will be printed and launched later this year.

Angel Williams, a member of the class, pictured above, shares her experience of the project:

In the term we looked at three different artists such as Naum Gabo, Johann Arens and Isabella Martin.

 I particularly like doing the 3D pop-up art piece. I found it really fun and enjoyed using my imagination. My favourite activity was print-making with Hannah Webb who came in and we designed some prints. My final piece I felt very proud of. It took a lot of effort and the result was amazing.

 Towards the end of the term, we had to pick a project and teach it to 2 year 7s. I was nervous and anxious but when I was teaching the skill I felt more confident. At the end of the term I feel like my confidence has raised, I’m using my imagination more and have learnt how to describe things in new ways.

 Working with Kettle’s Yard was a lovely opportunity that showed so many wonderful ideas. From the end of the term, I received my bronze art award so I might be getting half a GCSE which is all so exciting.

 – Angel Williams, Year 8, North Cambridge Academy