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Image: Josh Murfitt


Clodagh Barker, Ede Circle Member

Being a member of the Ede Circle comes with the opportunity to see and learn about a wide variety of subjects associated with Kettle’s Yard and the visual arts in a pleasant and convivial atmosphere.

In the middle of November members of the Ede Circle were treated to a visit to the studios of Antony Gormley and Vicken Parsons. Both artists were incredibly generous with their time. Showing us around their studios and giving us an insight and an understanding of the intentions behind their work, which will in turn add to the pleasure of viewing their art in the future. This will be an evening long to be remembered by those of us who were able to be there.

At the beginning of December we were given a talk and a walk around the exhibition ‘Beauty and Revolution: The Poetry and Art of Ian Hamilton Finlay’ by Stephen Bann, who corresponded with and knew the artist well. This personal tour helped to steer us through to a comprehension of the ideas behind Concrete Poetry and led us into the delightful world of Ian Hamilton Finlay’s famous Garden ‘Little Sparta’. An extraordinary place which seemingly combines the beauty of nature with that of sculpture and poetry.

It is always fun and interesting to spend time with other members of the Ede Circle, this was especially so at the Ede Circle Dinner in January. We were entertained at a delicious supper in the inimitable surroundings of Kettle’s Yard. The Vice Chancellor of Cambridge University Leszek Borysiewicz spoke before the dinner. After the dinner we had a talk from Nicholas Serota, Director of the Tate, in which he told of his memories of Jim Ede and of his time spent at Kettle’s Yard whilst he was a student at the University and how this had been a major formative influence on his own interest in the visual arts.