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An Interview with Jo Waterhouse

Jo Waterhouse is the artist behind Hadley Paper Goods, a beautiful greetings card brand where all designs begin as hand-drawn illustrations, collages or prints, using computers as little as possible. Recently, Jo collaborated with us on a new range of cards using patterns and shapes in the House at Kettle’s Yard as a starting point.

Here she tells us a little bit more about Hadley Paper Goods, how she got started and where she finds inspiration.

I made my first cards when I was running a shop with my good friend Takako Copeland (a very fine illustrator) on Exmouth Market in Clerkenwell but it was only when I was quite pregnant with my little boy that I decided to make it in to a proper business. My partner and I had one crazy year where we had a baby, moved out of a cranky shared house in London and I started my card business. It was a year for growing up – we even got a cat.

I really like greeting cards, I feel very privileged to make something that is given at all of life’s big events. I haven’t always been card giver but I give so many now (probably since that crazy year when I grew up) and it’s lovely how connected it makes you feel to people, sending a card can be so meaningful.

[Kettle’s Yard] is a serene and beautiful place. Being there reconnects me to simple and important things that I’m prone to forgetting; things like appreciating art, the beauty of nature, being present in the moment and most importantly taking time to sit and think.

I’ve been lots growing up, my mum was an invigilator when I was younger, when all the people looking after the House were volunteers so I’ve known it so long I feel very at home there.

I really like the plants – the lines and shapes they make, I think they appeal to me so much too because I can have them in my house, (unlike a Winifred Nicholson or a grand piano). I felt a bit overwhelmed and first, I was painfully aware that I couldn’t copy the feel of Kettle’s Yard in a greeting card, it just wouldn’t work – it would be like me thinking I could just dance a bit of Swan Lake all casual-like. So I decided to hunker down and spend loads of time in the house. Eventually I started to take different elements of the house and put them together in a way that fitted my purpose, making new taxonomies and arrangements.

See pages from Jo’s sketchbook from her visit to the House below.

Hadley Paper Goods x Kettle’s Yard is available to buy online now.

Jo Waterhouse will be at our Museum Shop Sunday event on Sunday, 25 November. Click here to find out more.