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5 June 2017


There have been exciting changes on the building site this month. Windows have been installed and internal doors are being fitted. The staircase in the education wing is finished, ready for visitors to climb.

The ceiling in the Clore Learning Studio is near completion and has been made specifically for the learning space to stop echoing or noise travelling. With most of the major external work nearing completion we have been focussing on interiors. We are making final decisions on specification for furniture in all the rooms.  Inside the galleries and education spaces walls are being painted, floors laid and lighting hung. The floor is also being placed in our new cafe.

The audio visual equipment’s wiring is in place and will be tested and commissioned once this part of the site is handed back from the builders. We are looking forward to start reoccupying the spaces in a phased programme over the summer and autumn.

Vital IT infrastructure is next to go into the building. We’re also eager to welcome our new Facilities and Visitor Services Managers in July who will begin to put the staff and volunteer teams in place to reopen early next year.

You can see the latest photos of the building site here.