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By Liz Hughes, Capital Programme Coordinator

It was when I first moved to Cambridge, nearly 13 years ago, that I first visited Kettle’s Yard.

At the time I was looking for somewhere to live, and if I could have I’d have moved in then and there. Simply, I fell in love with the place.

Jump forward almost a decade, and just over three years ago I spotted an advert for an intriguing opportunity – Capital Programme Coordinator for Kettle’s Yard. So, as it was not possible to move into the House, I did the next best thing and started working there in 2014.

For the last three years I have been working on the creation of the new galleries and education spaces at Kettle’s Yard, as well as the new café and expanded shop.

My role has been primarily about working with our Project Board and key funders, Arts Council England, the Heritage Lottery Fund and Cambridge City Council; as well as with our development team who update the trusts, foundations and donors who have all made all of this possible.

However, as well as completing a lot of paperwork it has involved me putting on a hard hat and getting on site, talking to the many construction specialists we worked with and to our own team and suppliers to make sure that we get all the details right.

It is a project which has been in development for over a decade, and in the new year it will come to full realisation when the galleries and House reopen and the new wing is fully operational from Saturday 10 February 2018. The creation of the new spaces has been a relay of many individuals and partners working together to make it all happen, and now it is my turn to hand the baton on.

Kettle’s Yard has recruited a fantastic team for the reopening, and are still looking for volunteers. It is an amazing place, in no small part due to the dedicated team working there, staff and volunteers alike. If you fancy being part of it do get in touch as we are still looking for volunteers.

The ambition was to create a building that can transform the way Kettle’s Yard can engage with young people and community groups and display works by major 20th and 21st century artists in great facilities with the lowest possible environmental impact. As an organisation, Kettle’s Yard wants everyone to have the opportunity to take a look at the world in a different way, inspired by art and artists.

As I’ve already declared, I love Kettle’s Yard, and I know many other people love it too. It has been a privilege to work here. Put the date in your diary, on 10 February 2018 come and see what we’ve been up to – I think you might quite like it too.