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Janine Woods

Back in December 2013, we invited the families attending Studio Sunday to come and explore the house and tell us the things they liked and the things they would like to know more about at Kettle’s Yard.  The families’ comments, drawings and photos were then used as the starting point for this leaflet.

Kettle’s Yard was founded by Jim Ede as a place for people to look and talk about art and the questions in the leaflet are designed to start discussions amongst the whole family, getting everyone to look, to question and to try to make their own connections.

But who could have known that creating a leaflet to start discussions amongst families was also going to start a discussion amongst the house staff?  It all started with this simple question:

So, how many pebbles are there in the house?  Who would have thought that could be so difficult?

It made us think – how do you decide what is a pebble? How big can it be before it stops being a pebble? For example, are these pebbles?

The honest answer is we don’t know exactly how many pebbles there are in the house.  However, thanks to the quick counting of the Visitor Assistants, there is a ‘best estimate’.  But as with everything in Kettle’s Yard, it is really all about what you see, what you discover and we hope the new leaflet will help families to discover more about Kettle’s Yard.