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Our work of the week is ‘Flora in Calix Light‘ by David Jones. We have leant several of our David Jones works, including this one, to David Jones: Vision and Memory currently on show at Pallant House Gallery.

David Jones (1895–1974) was a painter, engraver, poet and maker of inscriptions. Flora in Calix Light represents one of the most joyous of his late watercolours, celebrating life through a combination of natural subject-matter and religious symbolism.

In a contemporary appreciation of Jones, Jim Ede wrote of Flora in Calix Light: “At first glance the 1950 painting presents an opaque surface, scratched and weathered, a few Marguerite Daisies, here and there a touch of cornflower blue, and unassertive single dahlias, brick red. There is a confusion, an all over mixing common to the anonymity of all general impressions. Then in that confusion there stands out a great goblet holding a spread scattering of flowers; the goblet is of crystal – hard and brittle, in which water lies and in that water stems of flowers, a refracted light breaking their continuity but exposing their strength and substance.” The artist, who was a close friend of Ede’s, gave him the work as a present the year after it was completed.