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Another thing I remember the stairs for very well is that my mother used to sit on the second stair to grind the coffee, we had a coffee mill with a proper handle, or else to whip mayonnaise. She used to make egg mayonnaise with olive oil and egg and possibly lemon, I don’t know. I used to sit on her lap, between her lap and the coffee mill, which was on her knee and so I must have been pretty small at that time and I used to just be fascinated to see this thing whizzing round and round. Her hand moved so fast that I couldn’t see it, you know, it made a sort of fuzz. And I used to have a go with both my fat little fists and could hardly turn it at all. As to the mayonnaise, she always said no, she couldn’t let me do it because if she were to stop stirring and anyone was to stir it in the wrong direction, it would curdle. Now she was reared in Edinburgh and she had a strong Scottish accent. She used to say it would curdle. So I was never allowed to do that. But I do remember very well sitting on her lap at the bottom of the stairs.