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31 March 2007 – 20 May 2007

From Disney to Surrealism to Abstract Expressionism, Arturo Herrera’s work plunders the visual languages of the 20th century – extending its exploration of the unconscious and its representation.

This spring sees the first major exhibitions of Venezuelan artist Arturo Herrera in the UK – in Cambridge and Birmingham. The exhibition of recent work at Kettle’s Yard centres on a series of photographs made in 2004, and includes large scale collages, prints and sculpture.

Herrera’s language is one of disconnected fragments, isolated in photographs and combined in collages where Snow White or Jimminey Cricket might be glimpsed through a mesh of abstract marks. Ironically, his black and white photographs, while depicting the visible world, are his simplest, most abstract and enigmatic images. His collages are the most complex – hybrids of sliced and spliced images and memories, cut loose from their moorings, encrypted, and reconfigured as images of – and for – our unconscious minds at play.

A parallel exhibition, including a new 5-part film installation, is on view at IKON Gallery, Birmingham, 28 March – 20 May.