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9 November 2002 – 5 January 2003

Face/Off will bring together work by a number of contemporary artists to extend the idea of the self-portrait
and to get away from the orthodoxy of the self-portrait being synonymous with the face.

Although many of the works in the exhibition were never intended to function explicitly as a self-portrait,
they nevertheless reflect upon the changing identity and role of the artist. As the title suggests, there will be no faces in the show, and the exhibition will consist of works in many different media that confront each other rather than attempt to resolve themselves into any one coherent alternative.

Artists in the exhibition include
Elina Brotherus, Kate Davies, Keith Edmier, Tracey Emin,
Tom Friedman, Peter Harris, Emma Kay, Scott King,
Sean Landers, Michael Landy, Marc Quinn, Paul Noble,
Jemima Stehli, Stuart Taylor, Sam Taylor-Wood,
Amikam Toren, Gavin Turk, Gillian Wearing.