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27 September 2003 – 2 November 2003

The Kettle’s Yard Artist Fellowship is one of the longest standing and most sought-after artist residencies in Britain, offering artists a sabbatical year to pursue their own work in Cambridge.
This autumn the incoming artist fellow Marion Coutts will be exhibiting alongside outgoing fellow Claude Heath.

Marion Coutts will show recent work involving sculpture and the moving image. Coutts makes laconic, visionary pieces that shift everyday objects – coins, rings, skittles, satellite dishes – into a mythic dimension. Among the new work will be ‘Money’, 2003, an installation of massed pennies apparently breeding on the gallery floor, and ‘Target Nebula’, 2003, a used archery target transformed to resemble an exploded star mass. Also showing will be the short film ‘epic’, 2000, in which a sculpture of a horse is carried by human bearers through the streets and gardens of Rome. Marion Coutts will be resident at St. John’s College, Cambridge.

Marion Coutts website can be found at .

Claude Heath who has been resident at Christ’s College, will show his continuing enquiries into the bridge between perception and depiction. During his time in Cambridge he has worked with the University’s aerial photography and astronomy departments, the moving image studio and The Print Studio, Cambridge. He will present a large-scale wall drawing derived from studies of stereoscopic aerial photographs of Britain’s highest mountain, Ben Nevis.