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15 July 2006 – 17 September 2006

‘I can’t draw’ is a common plea but we all draw at some time, and even with cameras in our phones, sometimes only a drawing will do.

Lines of Enquiry looks at drawing as an exploratory and explanatory tool. From the wobbliest doodle to elaborately detailed expositions, the exhibition shows how we use drawing to think through problems, find out how things work, visualise concepts, order information and communicate to other people.

The exhibition includes drawings by physicists, geologists, architects, engineers, zoologists, archaeologists, palaeontologists, geneticists, surgeons, historians, philosophers, and composers as well as artists.

Among the drawings are Sir Roger Penrose’s visual reinterpretations of Einstein’s relativity equation, Sir John Sulston’s genome explorations, Sir Colin St John Wilson’s original ideograms for the British Library, Tariq Ahmad’s drawings for plastic reconstruction surgery, Richard Seymour’s 360º drawing of Piccadilly Circus, Richard Deacon’s interlaced layerings, Gerry Gilmore’s back of a letter exposition of the structure of the Milky Way, and Sir Harry Kroto’s discovery of the C60 carbon atom.

The exhibition provides a backdrop to a summer of drawing activity and workshops. Organised by Barry Phipps, it is a development of ‘On the Way to Things’, an exhibition held at Churchill College, Cambridge earlier this year.