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5 March 2005 – 1 May 2005

Oliver Bancroft, Mark Edwards, Ryan Gander, Sally Osborn, Lucy Skaer

This exhibition of new work by five young artists explores the stories that emerge, accumulate and unravel as we try to make sense of the world around us. Tracing paths among the people, places, objects and information that filter into our lives, they weave through layers of association, condensing, editing and generating new connections and meanings between abstract ideas and specific experiences.

Mark Edwards’ rich colour photographs are born out of a prolonged engagement with neglected and overlooked landscapes close to home, while oriental iconography and mass-reproduced images are some of the disparate sources that Lucy Skaer uses to weave visual riddles, rendered in watercolour and pencil on large sheets of paper. Myth and the natural world occupy Oliver Bancroft, who works with images recorded on super-8 and 16mm film to dissect visual and narrative information. Ryan Gander’s work examines the chains of thought triggered by stories and facts, objects and images that we encounter daily. Finally, Sally Osborn takes the collection at Kettle’s Yard as the starting point for a Borgesian exploration that delicately unravels associations and posits new narratives around objects, playing on relationships between materials, place, form and content.