Painted Objects
St Peter’s Church, 14 September - 13 October 2013

Vicken Parsons is best known for her small, intimate paintings of landscape and architectural space. But for this special installation of recent work in St Peter’s Church, Parsons will be showing a number of recent sculptures or ‘painted objects‘ that might almost be models for utilitarian buildings. At the same time they are compelling paintings on a three dimensional ground. Parsons writes: ‘The painted surface is sometimes solid and rugged, sometimes a thin veil of colour and sometimes abraded and partly taken back to the metal concealing and revealing the materiality of these very dense, solid, milled steel blocks.’

During 2014 the artist will also be presenting her work within the Kettle’s Yard House.

St Peter’s, a beautiful small church, was rebuilt in the 18th Century but retains 12th Century and Roman details. It is now in the care of the Churches Conservation Trust.

We are grateful to the Churches Conservation Trust and St Giles’ Church for their support.

Churches Conservation Trust and St Giles’ Church