the action of appearing

8 March - 27 April 2003

Cai Guo-Qiang, Charles Crumb, Marlene Dumas,
Susan Hiller, William Kentridge, Paul McCarthy,
Elizabeth Manchester, Daniela Steinfeld, Jon Thompson

The genesis of a work of art, the moment of its appearance, is the focus of this international group exhibition. The emphasis on 'action' in the title corresponds to a performative element in the show, which includes artists from Europe, North America, China and South Africa.

The works, many of them showing in this country for the first time, include the film Shadow Procession by William Kentridge, a large gunpowder drawing by Cai Guo-Qiang, and visionary works on paper by Marlene Dumas. The inky pages of a sketchbook by Charles Crumb converse with Susan Hiller's back-lit transparencies From India to the Planet Mars, while Paul McCarthy's ribald video-performance Painter chimes with photographic self-portraits by Elizabeth Manchester, Daniela Steinfeld and Jon Thompson.

Curated by Roger Malbert with Arnolfini, Bristol.
Catalogue published by Arnolfini.