Gary Stevens: Slow Life

26 November - 22 January
(open house hours 14.00-16.00 - note later closing date)

Slow Life is a five-screen video installation by the performance artist Gary Stevens in which everyday incidents are enacted very slowly.

The unbroken, real-time shots of domestic scenes explore innocuous, seemingly insignificant events. Without a word being spoken, the consciousness of each performer escapes the intention of their slow action. As the nuances change in the slowly shifting picture, the subtle inference of relationships and situations is constantly modified. There is an acute awareness of being alive, of horror and of wonder. Elements within the picture - a fire, running water, a passing train - are reminders that time has not slowed down. Unlike a fixed image that arrests and holds onto a moment, here moments inexorably slip by.

Shown downstairs in the house extension, Slow Life finds itself in the domestic context of Kettle's Yard.

Slow Life is presented in association with artsadmin and Matt's Gallery, London.
Gary Stevens is an Artsadmin artist.