Untitled 2000  Untitled 2000

Attila Csörgö

: Platonic love

27 March - 9 May 2004

Attila Csörgö is one of the most prominent and individual younger artists practising in Hungary today. Using lights and photography, pulleys and strings, his works are immediately entertaining but raise profound questions about how we construct our vision of the world.

Sitting on a table - a tetrahedron, a cube and an octahedron - all made of sticks attached to strings. At the push of a button pulleys, weights and counterweights are seen pulling the strings. The geometric figures begin to come apart, reform as a dodecahedron and eventually revert to their original state.

All is not as it would seem. Two glasses appear to contain slanting water. Two screws rotate to form the image of a glass. Two perforated discs rotate to create a triangle or circle.

A camera rotates simultaneously on two axes to create a seamless, hemispherical photograph of everything we can see around and above us. Csörgö will make new photographic pieces in Cambridge for the exhibition, reversing our perception of the world around us.

Organised by Kettle's Yard and supported by the Hungarian Cultural Institute, the exhibition forms part of Magyar Magic - Hungary in Focus 2004, a year long celebration of Hungarian art and talent in the UK.