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Flights of Reality

Charles Avery - 'The Creation' panel no.3 (1998) 12 January - 3 March 2002

Charles Avery
Matthew Ritchie,
Keith Tyson,
Grace Weir,
Keith Wilson

From the revolutionary theory of the asymmetrical structure of the fish brain to the permutation of form within a monomolecular universe, scientific theories provide a point of departure for the work in the exhibition. Playful and speculative, the works create competing versions of a world forcefully nudged from its everyday axis. The exhibition will oscillate between the familiar and the unknown, between revealed truths and imaginary worlds. Paralleling science in uncovering new routes of thought, and the creation of new or rival cosmologies, the work is a reminder of the ways in which we do not see the world. Or in the words of Matthew Ritchie, a ‘conjunction of the fantastic and mundane suspended in an organic delirium'.

New work has been made specially for the exhibition by Avery, Ritchie, Weir and Wilson.

Flights of Reality has been supported by The Henry Moore Foundation.

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