Henrik Håkansson Cyanopsitta spixii Case Study #001 2006Gurney's Pitta - Songs From a Forest Without a Name 2003

Henrik Håkansson



29 September -18 November

Birds have long held a fascination for Swedish artist Henrik Håkansson. For his first major exhibition in the UK he presents new and recent works about birds whose survival is endangered.

Håkansson is drawn to their isolation, vulnerability and beauty. In film, sound works and sculptural installations, he combines scientific systems of observation and communication with a visual language that frequently makes reference to popular film and music culture.

Critically endangered species such as the California Condor, Gurney's Pitta and Spix's Macaw become points of focus for an exploration of the ways we observe, represent and relate to the natural world. On the brink of extinction in the wild, these are some of the loneliest birds in the world.

Håkansson's carefully pitched work preserves and translates a vivid sense of the birds into the context of the gallery. It also acknowledges the complex economic, social and political challenges involved in our continued co-existence.

Organised with the help of BirdLife International, The Modern Institute and Ventana Wildlife Society. Supported by The Elephant Trust and Arts Council England.

Henrik Håkansson's website is at http://www.haakansson.net/

Symposium - Ruffled Feathers: birds, people and environment
Taking this exhibition as the departure point, a one-day symposium will delve into the cultural and ecological contexts of our conflicted relationship with nature.