Mary Martin, White Diagonal, 1963Mary Martin, Climbing Form, 1954

Mary Martin

: The end is always to achieve simplicity

8 January - 27 February 2005

Mary Martin (1907-1969) was one of the most distinguished and influential of a small group of English constructive artists of the 1950s and '60s. Her geometric paintings, sculptures, reliefs and drawings explore colour, line and form as basic formal elements. This is the first major exhibition of her work in twenty years.

The exhibition explores her personal and distinctive contribution to modern and contemporary British art. It draws together for the first time a selection of her early paintings and traces her move to abstraction. It also includes her first reliefs and structures and her later Perspex abstract reliefs.

Married to Kenneth Martin, whose 'Screw Mobile' hangs in the house at Kettle's Yard, this exhibition is an opportunity to view their work together, united by their concern for the unfolding and evolving form. Notions of simplicity and order and the work's affinities with modern architecture make Mary Martin the perfect artist for Kettle's Yard.

The exhibition is accompanied by a hardback, illustrated catalogue including several essays and Mary Martin's own writing. Cost 12.95 UK pounds, available from Kettle's Yard bookshop.

The exhibition is organised by The Culture Company and was on show at Huddersfield Art Gallery before moving to Cambridge.