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a measure of reality

Euan Uglow - Jana, 1996/97
9 March - 28 April 2002

Dan Graham, Mona Hatoum, Lizzie Hughes, Richard Long, Robert Morris, Euan Uglow, Gary Woodley

Time, distance, size, speed. From earliest times people have tried to come to terms with the ‘real world' - to locate themselves in time and space - by measuring. Through painting, photography, video and installation this exhibition takes an unusual variety of art from the last thirty years which has measurement as its basis.

Among the artists exhibiting - Euan Uglow's Root Five Nude measures the geometry of a life model in a meticulously organised setting. In a specially commissioned ‘impingement' Gary Woodley explores the architectural spaces of the gallery at Kettle's Yard. Richard Long records and evokes the actual experience of mapped and pre-measured walks in the natural landscape. By contrast, Lizzie Hughes' sound piece is emphatically urban - relentlessly ascending as she telephones each consecutive floor of the Empire State Building - while Mona Hatoum's video, Measures of Distance, charts the dislocation of exile and separation.

A Measure of Reality has been supported by The Henry Moore Foundation and Schlumberger Cambridge Research.

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