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It's your turn

‘Paint' by Nina Malmgren aged two

‘Paint' by Nina Malmgren aged two

The Kettle's Yard Open 2000

This year - it's your turn - Kettle's Yard is holding an Open exhibition with a difference. Submissions have been invited from people of all ages, from all walks of life, living in the Cambridge area. In images and writing they convey their experience of life at the turn of the millennium.
Early submissions include an eye peering from an elbow, a child's dress made from pages of a book of ladies' etiquette, and a painting by a 2 year-old called ‘Paint'.
And it's still your turn! As a visitor you can add to the exhibition by making a work in the gallery. Materials will be available as well as mirrors, telescopes, periscopes and magnifying glasses so that you can look at the world in a different way. You can also vote for your favourite work and win a prize yourself.
Prizes including £1000 of tokens presented by Heffers will be presented by the Mayor, Councillor Evelyn Knowles at 12 noon on Sunday 23 July.

Supported by a Cambridge City Council Millennium Award and Heffers…The Cambridge Booksellers; organised in association with the Cambridge Evening News and Camfest; assisted by the Junction.

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