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Kettle's Yard Open 1999

June 26 - August 1 1999

Rachel fermi - Field 1 - 1999 Rachel Fermi
Field #1 1999
For the fifth year Kettle's Yard presents some of the liveliest art being made in East Anglia - and most of the work is for sale!

This year's artists are selected from an open submission by sculptor Phyllida Barlow and painter Stephen Chambers, currently Kettle's Yard / Downing College Artist Fellow.

The artists:
Catherine Baker, Alexandra Baraitser, James Barron, Tiziana Bendall-Brunello, Margie Britz, Lu La Buzz, Stephanie Douet, Rachel Fermi, James Fisher, Simon Harwood, Gary Lawrence, Tracey Newman, Peter Newton, Margaret Payne, Matt Rogalsky, Oliver Soskice.

The exhibition coincides with Cambridge Open Studios and visitors can find out about the work of artists taking part in a special display and, over the first weekend watch demonstrations in the Education Room.

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