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Surviving Modernism

perfidy installation November 11 2000 - January 7 2001

In recent years the crisis in religious belief has been matched by a crisis of faith in modernism.
This exhibition was first conceived for one of the great modernist buildings, the monastery, La Tourette, in France, challenging its architect, Le Corbusier, who insisted that the building should be free of all images and decoration.
Now it transfers to Kettle's Yard where Jim Ede expressed his engagement with modernism and the spiritual in his arrangement of the collection and in Leslie Martin's late modernist extension.
Through the work of twenty artists the exhibition explores the apparently irreconcilable approaches of autonomy and engagement with the world which inform current art practice as well as the monastery and its much diminished Dominican community.
The exhibition features work by David Batchelor, Kathrin Bohm, Jonathan Callan, Sally Cox, Martin Creed, Thomas Demand, Ana Genoves, Liam Gillick, Dan Graham, Peter Halley, Gerard Hemsworth, Charlotte von Poehl, Eva Rothschild, Ruth Root, Martyn Simpson, Johnny Spencer, Daniel Sturgis, John Plowman, Rebecca Warren, Shizuka Yokomizo.

Curated by Martyn Simpson and Daniel Sturgis and
supported by The British Council, The London Institute and Goldsmiths College.

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