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The Language of Things

William Nicholson - The Silver Casket

William Nicholson
- The Silver Casket

January 13 - March 11 2001

In the 20th century the idea of still life extended far beyond its traditional bounds. Across a range of painting, sculpture and photography, this exhibition locates certain strands of current still life practice in the context of earlier work.

The Language of Things moves from the painterly illusionism of William Nicholson and the palpable photo-realism of the Spanish painter, Manuel Franquelo, to works which embody actual objects, others where the absence of the object is hauntingly felt, and others where the object is recreated.

Far from being about safety, as John Berger recently suggested, many of these still lifes suggest a precariousness and sense of imminence which belies the apparent neutrality of their everyday and domestic subjects.

Other artists include Hannah Collins, Tony Cragg, Tim Head, Giorgio Morandi, Ben Nicholson, Ginny Reed, William Scott, Jane Simpson, Jack Smith, Richard Wentworth and Rachel Whiteread.

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue, introduced by Ian Jeffrey, and supported by The Henry Moore Foundation.


Artists and writers discuss issues relating to the exhibition.
Speakers include Jane Simpson & Richard Wentworth.

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