Associate Artists 2012-13

Lorna Macintyre:
Three Satie Compositions

A special piano recital of three Satie compositions proposed by Lorna Macintyre, and performed by Kate Whitley in the Bechstein Room of the Kettle's Yard House. Play

Jeremy Millar: Silence

In 2013 the 1970’s extension to the Kettle’s Yard House underwent a major re-roofing project. In order for this to happen the contents of the house were completely removed. Millar created this film during this unusual period of upheaval, identifying similarities in the bare architecture with the works of British Modernists such as Ben Nicholson and Barbara Hepworth. Play

Matei Bejanaru: Mobile Darkroom Unit

Matei Bejanaru developed a fully operational Mobile Darkroom Unit during his tenure as an Associate Artist at Kettle’s Yard. Once constructed, he personally drove the MDU over 2,600km across Europe from Iasi, his hometown in Romania, to Cambridge in order to deliver it to Kettle’s Yard. Bejenaru produced this film do document this epic journey. Play

Matthew Darbyshire: A Way of Life

Matthew Darbyshire created a new work for the façade of Kettle’s Yard in 2013. Coupling eye-popping imagery taken from the current season’s interior design magazines with a series of iconic scenes from the interior of the Kettle’s Yard House, Darbyshire created an imagined contemporary makeover that challenged Jim Ede’s selective approach to taste and trends that was fundamental to realising his vision at Kettle’s Yard, which he founded in 1958. View