Stillstill, 2009
 Painted steel, glass with mirroring paint,
 machined brass, straw and cotton fabric.

‘Stillstill’ is a new work made especially for this exhibition. Barclay is known for her installations that take on entire rooms, but here she has made something self-contained that focuses our attention on a few specific objects. Her installations are always made in response to their location, and in this work Barclay also makes a connection to the context of Kettle’s Yard, thinking of it in terms of a still life. Her arrangement of objects on a shelf is very much an echo of the way both artworks and everyday objects are placed, in conversation with one another, in the House. 


Barclay makes objects that aren’t functional but suggest imaginary uses. They are made with a number of different production processes, from machined metal to more hand-crafted techniques, like weaving straw. The careful placement of objects, imbuing them with significance through their relationships to one another in order to suggest a mood, is a device that is also used by Ian Kiaer.