Singing Room, 2009

In a new, site-specific installation at Kettle’s Yard, Feher uses the physical traces of previous exhibitions to create a work that is attuned to the shifting interplay of light and colour in the room.


Feher uses a vocabulary of colours and forms sifted from the flotsam of industrial consumer culture. A miscellany of plastic bottles, jam jars, marbles, artists’ tape and packaging materials from cartons to crisp packets has found its way into his work. His is a practice of improvisation that relies on an intuitive engagement with objects and places and a process of repetition (of materials or gestures) that reveals infinite difference and complexity, as well as beauty. He draws our attention to the specific form and colour of something as mundane as a plastic bag or beverage bottle (and, by contrast, to the incredible variety and number of their forms and colours to be found on a single supermarket shelf).