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Jez Riley French ' silence'

Enter... Kettle's Yard, Cambridge, July 2008

This building has provided many hours of inspiration to me over the years including the special
memories of my first visit there with my mother - so having the opportunity to spend time there
outside opening hours and with permission to record and photograph in detail was a real
pleasure. The resulting recordings mostly capture the vibrations of various surfaces and
objects rather than the empty rooms themselves. For me, these sounds, mainly inaudible
to the naked ear, capture the unique atmosphere of this building. Its stillness and the
constant ability of the structure and its contents to breathe, live and inspire.

These specific sounds, in the order in which they appear in the piece are:
• extension landing with dehumidifier
• pebble table
• slate table
• the Dancer table
• floor near Indonesian puppet
• glass bowl on gramphone cabinet

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