Algorithm Broken by a Bullet, 2007
 Aluminium and reflective fabric


 Turn Your Headlights on Please, 2007
 Brass and PEVA (above)

Ubiquitous, chameleon-like in its versatility and economical to produce, plastic is the material of the twentieth century. Plastic is both an adjective that describes a material’s malleability, and a noun that defines a group of synthetic and organic materials, from polyester to PET, that have become integral to the fabric of our daily lives and experiences. Plastic has been instrumental in the development of our industrial, consumer society, which has in turn shaped how we live in every sense. Shirley Tse has worked with plastics for over ten years. Her sculptures exploit the physical and formal qualities of different plastics to make objects that capture a material sense of the complex cultural, economic and political forces operating on our physical environment.


The ‘loom’ pieces on display here use fabrics developed by the military stretched over extruded aluminium and brass frames, and make passing reference to the history of the development of the first computer.