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From 7–19 April 2020, Open House artists in residence for 2019-20, Wright & Vandame, were scheduled to host a display and series of events in the Ede Room at Kettle’s Yard, which celebrated and reflected upon the outcome of their year-long residency, Meeting Ground. Unfortunately, this display is unable to be realised in its original form due to the temporary closure of Kettle’s Yard in light of government advice responding to the Coronavirus pandemic.

We are delighted to invite Wright & Vandame to instead share their experience of collaborating with North Cambridge communities through our blog and social media platforms. Wright & Vandame will host a take-over of Kettle’s Yard’s Instagram feed from 17 – 19 April 2020, reimagine their meditation and artist talk events on Kettle’s Yard Facebook page on Saturday 18 April and share their thoughts, experiences and artworks through the Kettle’s Yard blog over the course of the week.

We often work project-to-project and site-specifically. Our work responds to the needs of the space, often in an organic and collaborative manner. Once we had come to the conclusion that the space had to sensitively respond to the subject of wellbeing rather than treat it as a novelty, we were conscious of what to call the project and to use the title as a way to find a cohesive structure and direction.

Sky Film at Meeting Ground, photo: My Linh Le

Guillaume Vandame (GV): Over the summer, two important things happened. Initially, I discovered Just Another Asshole #6 (1983/2018) a recently published book of artist essays which included a list of statements by one of my favourite artists, Jack Goldstein: “Sky is the meeting ground for what art & world desire.” It seemed so succinct and beautiful like much of his work. While I was on the plane back from New Jersey to London in August, I coincidentally noticed that they offered a new service to select a meditative video such as passing clouds in the sky or an endless sun, which you could pair with a peaceful sound piece like the sound of birds or classical music. It was strangely peaceful and incongruous. Meeting Ground thus became a way of encompassing our aims with the residency to engage with the diverse community groups and residents and the idea of making an artist film of the sky quickly followed.

Josh Wright (JW): We bounced ideas back and forth as we often do and I realised that in many ways the film needed to provide a calming, reflective energy that was very different to the central Meeting Ground space where the majority of our activities took place. Rather than an ordinary film of the sky, the idea evolved into something more subtle, to make people more present, and aware in that moment. With that in mind, Sky Film became an immersive day long cycle of colour made up of 120 colours that were sampled from photos we’d taken within North Cambridge over the course of our residency. Each colour is five seconds long, about the same time it takes to calmly inhale and exhale. We showed the final video on a loop in one of two changing rooms alongside three sound pieces, using the benches for seating and existing hooks for headphones.

We encourage you to watch our Sky Film for yourself; we’ve designed the film to provide an ambience to a space so the best way to view this is on full screen in a darkened space!

Watch the film here