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Circuit Conductors, our creative training programme for young people, has been running since May. The group have had workshops and talks from several arts and cultural professionals, gaining unique insights into the industry. 

Damaris Athene, a member of Circuit Conductors, shares her thoughts on our training day on Artist Facilitation, led by Kaitlin Ferguson:

My name is Damaris and I’ve been part of Circuit since the beginning of June. I’m an artist and I moved to Cambridge last September. It’s been really exciting to be part of Circuit Conductors and to be able to learn so much about creative workshops. Not only have I met lovely people, but I’ve also gained a wealth of knowledge that will certainly help me to pursue a career conducting workshops, alongside my own art practice.

As part of our Circuit Conductors training we had a day-long workshop with Kaitlin Ferguson, about being an artist facilitator. It was a profession I was aware of, but one that I didn’t know much about. Kaitlin lead us through different creative exercises while breaking them down and teaching us how to facilitate at the same time. She engaged everyone in the room and we explored fun and experimental ideas, such as drawing inside a tube of paper and drawing with tape across the room. My favourite activity was looking at shapes around the room, then drawing them with wire, turning them into a 3D form by attaching them to a wooden base, and then covering the wire structure with opaque tights. She explained that normally she would then go on to dip the sculptures in plaster. I thought it was such a clever way to transform something from 2D to 3D and she led us into it without us having any idea what the final outcome would be. Rather than being intimidated by the thought of having to create something sculptural, you had a wonderful surprise at the end.

I found it such an inspiring day and I felt that I learnt so much from Kaitlin. I can’t wait to try out all of the techniques she taught us and now that I know what being an artist facilitator entails, I want to be one!

Circuit Conductors will be leading the next Circuit social on Tuesday, 25 July. Follow Circuit Cambridge on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to hear about their latest news and events.