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4 December 2015


Kyle Percy

October was a busy time for me at Kettle’s Yard. The Circuit Unlock Cambridge festival was that month’s big event. It was the culmination of months of hard work by the Circuit group and Kettle’s Yard staff, in particular Clare Karslake and Lucy Wheeler. The festival itself was a one day (and night) event with various activities and workshops around Cambridge. My contribution to the event was getting to Market Square early and helping to set up. I also helped with the workshops and encouraged public involvement on the day. There was a secret closing party, in Great St Mary’s Church, which included live music, art installations, spoken word performances, dance troops and a bar. I helped prepare the church for the event and was a steward until the end of the night. The day went brilliantly thanks to the hard work and enthusiasm of everyone involved.

Also that month I went to Frieze London for the first time.  Whilst there I was asked to pick out artists I’d like to see included in possible up and coming Kettle’s Yard exhibitions. It was fantastic to be able to see some of the newest art around from galleries all over the world. The people watching was almost as interesting as the art!

In November I went to the Norwich Castle & Museum Art Gallery where my mentor for the Weston Jerwood Scheme, Harriet Loffler, is a curator of contemporary art. After looking around the very interesting and eclectic gallery I attended a study day about commissioning art and how it can bring cultural institutions, artists and the community together. It was a fascinating day and very useful for my own professional development.

Aside from these activities I have also been doing an items check, with Kettle’s Yard’s assistant curator Guy Haywood, for all the Kettle’s Yard works currently out on loan around Cambridge. I have sat in, and contributed, on various organisational meetings and even became the Kettle’s Yard fire officer!