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Circuit Conductors, our creative training programme for young people, has got off to a great start with a variety of sessions on different aspects of running arts workshops.

Sarah Dore, a member of Circuit Conductors, shares her thoughts on our training day on Behaviour Management and Youth Arts, led by Lesley Wood:

One of my biggest concerns when coming in to the programme was how I would keep everyone engaged and involved when I lead workshops. I have a lot of enthusiasm for art, which I would hope to be somewhat infectious, but I know it’s not the same for all! It’s unlikely that an activity will be for everyone, but I have since learnt that I can at least create an environment that encourages people to join in – even if they believe they can’t do something.

It was in our second training session on behaviour management that we discussed how we can facilitate activities in a way that makes them enjoyable and comfortable for each person involved. It has absolutely been my favourite and most useful session so far, mainly because it has left me feeling much more confident and prepared for future workshops. It was also great to have someone come in to train us and Lesley had a lot of experience that she drew her advice from.

The day was split up with varied activities so, even though I was thoroughly interested, the session did not lag at any point. One of the key parts to the session were our talks through scenarios we may encounter and the best ways to negotiate them.  In particular, I think realising that we don’t necessarily need to avoid or resist negativity but instead use it productively as feedback helped me overcome some of the reservations I had had about leading.

Looking forward, I feel that what I learnt in this session will be well applied and utilised as I plan and deliver workshops. Specifically, the session addressed a matter that had made me quite nervous but I am now feeling much more prepared and I look forward to the coming weeks where I can apply these new skills in practice.

Circuit Conductors will be leading the next Circuit social on Tuesday, 25 July. Follow Circuit Cambridge on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to hear about their latest news and events.