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Emma Smith has been selected as the first Open House Artist in Residence in North Cambridge. Over the next few months, Smith will be meeting people across North Cambridge and finding out about the area as well as exploring Kettle’s Yard to develop responsive and engaging projects in collaboration with the community. Recently Emma has done some research in the Kettle’s Yard archive looking at letters and she has also met with Jim Lees who is a member of the Community Panel for Open House. Here are some interesting quotes that she’s found that are forming some of the ideas behind her Open House project.

“Letters have the power to grant us a larger life. They reveal motivation and deepen understanding. They are evidential. They change lives, and they rewire history.”
Simon Garfield, To the Letter, Canongate, Edinburgh, London, 2014

“Hand written letters, however formal are always personal. Just seeing the way the words are applied to the paper gives a sense of personality even before one even gets to the content. Reading Jim Ede’s correspondences is like a direct line, conjuring an image of him through his thoughts, attitude and approach.”

Emma Smith

“Hand writing comes from someone – on a computer a letter could be from anyone”

“You can think more when you write”

“When you are writing the word creative comes into it because you are creating as you go”

Jim Lees

Here is a text written by Jim as a poetic reflection:

I do enjoy coming to all the meetings
While listening, talking, discussing with everyone
With their own views and valid comments on the entire subject we are discussing.
Personally myself I think all the programs have been researched and answered well
It seems so far that we all fit into one happy team or family