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In October 2018, Kettle’s Yard shop collaborated with fair trade jewellery brand Just Trade on a range of brass and Tagua (the polished seed of the Ivory Palm) jewellery inspired by the Richard Pousette-Dart work Four Brass Rings and One Jade Ring, and it has been one of our best-sellers ever since. Founded in 2006, Just Trade works with artisans around the world to create stylish, desirable handmade jewellery and accessories, providing a long-term route to market for goods made my small Fair Trade projects in Peru, Ecuador, India and Vietnam.

On a recent trip to Peru, Just Trade founder Laura Cave caught up with Naty, Lizet and Ana from the Hope Jewellery Project who make the brass jewellery in the collection. The ladies have nicknamed the collection “Picarones” as it reminds them of the delicious Peruvian pumpkin and sweet potato doughnuts that you can buy freshly prepared on the streets on Lima!


“I want to continue learning so much more. I love the way I am treated in this job and I hope that you like my work as much as I like making it.” Naty

Naty takes the lead on making this range in Peru as she is the expert at the specific technique of putting the beautiful subtle texture on the surface of the brass. Naty is workshop manager, in charge of keeping all materials and stock in order, she is passionate about making sure that everything is kept neat and tidy and that nothing is wasted. All offcuts of metal are recycled and reused to make the next batch of jewellery. She is always positive and welcomes everyone to the workshop with a hug! Naty is married with 4 children and 8 great children.


“I love the process of making jewellery, and particularly getting to teach others!” Lizet

Lizet is part of the team at Hope Jewellery she lives in Lima with her daughter Priyanka and dog Ginger, both of whom are 6.

Both Naty and Lizet had no previous jewellery training but are complete perfectionists. They have done most of the training for new people joining the project including Ana…..

Ana joined the project in April, she has a young baby and wanted some part time work that she could do from home to earn money when the baby is asleep. She is now expert earring hook maker – making all the hooks for all of the Just Trade jewellery from Peru.

For all three of these women, working with Hope Jewellery has given them training opportunities, flexible fairly paid work which they love doing and they work in a friendly and supportive environment which means they make a significant contribution to their families both financially and emotionally.  They have big plans for the future and are planning a collaboration with the artisans in Ecuador who make the Tagua jewellery – but that is a story for another day.

You can buy the Just Trade jewellery on our online shop here

Naty Cutting brass sheet
Two shaped cut out
Ana making earring hooks
Picarones! The ladies have nicknamed the jewellery Picarones as it reminds them of the Peruvian pumpkin and sweet potato doughnuts!