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James Dixon Sinking of the Titanic Art Kettles Yard
James Dixon, The Sinking of the Titanic, 1967, oil on paper
John Blackburn Brown Black White Red Abstract Expressionism Art Painting Oil Kettle's Yard
John Blackburn, Brown, Black, White, Red, 1962, oil on board

Discovery Through Display

The last of our 50th anniversary exhibitions, ‘Discovery Through Display’, has just opened at the Alison Richard Building where it is installed over four floors.

History of Art student Josephine Waugh has curated this exhibition:

‘Discovery Through Display takes its inspiration from Jim Ede, the creator of Kettle’s Yard. Ede believed that art should be defined by its relationship to its surroundings. The ethos of Kettle’s Yard developed as a response to a paradox many of us confront when we look at art; finding solace in the beauty of a painting or an object while, perhaps, feeling stifled by the formal surroundings of the white cube museum.

Ede reconciled this by curating a space at Kettle’s Yard that lies at the intersection between public and private, it is both a place to see art and a home.

Ede also believed that both the artist and the viewer work as equal forces in the impact of an artwork; the arrangement of artworks in a space simultaneously responding to, and influencing, the viewer’s movement around them. This is an inherently adaptable idea, particularly within the Alison Richard Building. A constant turnover of people pass through this lively space, each experiencing these artworks differently, influenced by their position in the room, their mood, the time of day, the weather. Ede said himself: “the role of art is to give food for thought, to act as a stimulant, to entice the onlooker to inspect things, people, emotions, from a new point of view.”’

As well as the works from Kettle’s Yard, we are pleased to include six recent works by John Blackburn that have been kindly lent by Osborne Samuel Gallery, London.

Curator’s Talk

1 February 2017, 5pm at the Alison Richard Building, in the foyer.

To coincide with the exhibition, ‘Discovery Through Display’, Josephine Waugh will give a talk on the exhibition.