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Throughout March we are sharing a series of posts in which we meet some of the makers whose work you can find in the Kettle’s Yard Shop. This week we spoke to Suffolk-based designer and illustrator Brie Harrison. You can view her cards in the shop here.

Tell us a bit about yourself

I live in Suffolk with my French partner and our small son. I am lucky enough to work flexibly from my studio, which allows me to parent and enjoy my son’s early years alongside running my business, which I feel very grateful for.

I grew up in Suffolk, then studied Printed Textiles in Brighton. After working in New York for a summer where I learnt to design digitally, I then lived and worked in London for many years designing prints for the high street market.

Brie Harrison

I travelled a fair bit in my early thirties to Central America and California, where I started to produce a lot more of my own work based on plants. After building up a collection of work I started to exhibit in London at fairs and markets where I met some very inspiring illustrators. This encouraged me to do a wholesale trade fair where I presented my first proper collection of greetings cards and prints. I gradually built up stockists all across the UK and the brand continues to grow organically from there.

Tell us more about your studio and ways of working

We are in the process of building a new garden studio which I will be lucky enough to design from. I think creating an inspiring space to sit and think in is a very important part of the process. I work from a sketchbook initially, drawing any plant that inspires me (I also have a big collection of photos I take all the time) and then I work into my drawings digitally, taking great care to never make the lines too perfect as I like to make viewers wonder whether the piece has been painted…

my bear

What inspires the designs on your cards?

The inspiration behind my cards is mostly always drawn from nature and the botanical world. Whenever I am out and about I’m taking photos of hedgerow berries or little crocuses popping up. I’m also greatly inspired by visiting gardens and museums in the UK and abroad.

Photo: @mybearhut
Photo: @mybearhut

Do you have a favourite item in the Kettle’s Yard Shop?

This is a tough one but probably either the David Stonehouse ceramics or the Flensted Mobile Futura.

Do you have a favourite printmaker or illustrator, past or present?

It would be hard to choose just one. I have so many- some artist friends that greatly inspire me are Anna Mac, Buzz Mitchell, Clare Curtis and Unity Coombes, also my sister Chloe Harrison.

View Brie Harrison’s cards in the Kettle’s Yard shop here

Brie Harrison is a Designer and Illustrator, based in Suffolk, England. Her work expresses her spirit for pattern, colour and elements of the botanical world.  She draws great inspiration from travel and loves to document the ornate details found in nature on her trips.