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1 August 2019


Before the opening of the two exciting new exhibitions at Kettle’s Yard this summer, Jennifer Lee: the potter’s space and Artist: Unknown, Art and Artefacts from the University of Cambridge Museums and Collections, the Patrons and Exhibition Circle supporters were given an exclusive private tour by the artist Jennifer Lee, Director of Kettle’s Yard Andrew Nairne and the curators of the two exhibitions, Sarah Griffin and Eliza Spindel.

The patrons began their tour with the Artist: Unknown exhibition, led by Andrew Nairne and Eliza Spindel. Artist: Unknown brings together for the first time an extraordinary selection of anonymous art and artefacts from the University of Cambridge’s renowned museums and collections. The patrons were shown around the exhibition of enormously varied objects, from modern Inuit stone carvings to an Egyptian mummy portrait from 100-150 AD, which demonstrate a wide range of creativity and skill. Nairne and Spindel discussed how they made their selection and raised questions about the importance we place on authorship, as the absence of labels in the House similarly does.

The patrons tour was then privileged to be the first group to view the exhibition by Jennifer Lee, guided by Jennifer Lee and curator Sarah Griffin. The gallery is filled with 36 of Lee’s renowned pots, including several from her degree show and others made for the show at Kettle’s Yard. The plinth on which the pots are displayed was designed by Jamie Fobert Architects, Jamie was also present at the tour. Lee explained the process by which she makes her exquisite pots, revealing how she works with different clays and oxides to create the beautiful bands of colour and pattern that make her work so distinguishable. Lee spoke about how she builds all her pots by hand, beginning with a pinch pot base and continuing by coiling lengths of clay. Five of these pots can also be found in Kettle’s Yard House, positioned so that they fit perfectly with Jim Ede’s own collection.

The patrons preview was a wonderful opportunity for Ede Circle and Director’s Circle members to be shown around the exhibitions by the artist and curators, before they opened to the public. The tour was one of a programme of special events organised for patrons of Kettle’s Yard. Please click here for more information about the different patrons groups at Kettle’s Yard. If you would like to become a patron, please contact

Jennifer Lee: the potter’s space and Artist: Unknown, Art and Artefacts from the University of Cambridge Museums and Collections are open until 22 September 2019.