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As part of Linderism, a number of performance and film works by Linder were on display across the galleries and the Edlis Neeson Research Space. You can watch 5 minute clips of the works here.

After Linder’s performance with her band Ludus at The Haçienda in 1982, Linder did not return to performance until 2000 when she made an ambitious new work in her local neighbourhood in Manchester. This performance featured three Manchester rock bands playing simultaneously for four hours as local women recreated Shaker dance steps. Linder played the role of ‘Mother’ Ann Lee, acknowledged founder of the Shaker movement in Manchester, mutated with Clint Eastwood’s character The Man With No Name (from Sergio Leone’s Dollars Trilogy of spaghetti westerns). Fusing the pacifier and the warrior, the performance was a ritual of peace during a period of gang violence in the city.

Linder’s performances often summon, or channel, historical figures, particularly women. Sometimes these are anonymous, as in Your Actions Are My Dreams (2009) where Linder became a glamorous enchantress, and some specific, such as her two ballets The Ultimate Form (2013) and Children of the Mantic Stain (2016), inspired by artists Barbara Hepworth and Ithell Colquhoun, respectively. These ballets animate the two artists’ works, as well as setting in motion Linder’s own photomontage and stain works featuring ballet dancers. Each of Linder’s performances is the culmination of extensive research, gathered in sketchbooks and ‘commonplace books’.

Haçienda Redux, 1982/2020
Soundtrack (2020) by Maxwell Sterling. Musicians (1982), Ludus: Linder (voice), Ian Devine (guitar), Paul Cavanagh (bass), Dave Formula (keyboard), Lee Buick (saxophone), Graham Revell (saxophone) and Toby (drums).

The Working Class Goes to Paradise, Moston, Manchester, 2000
Lead guitar, Ian Devine. Beach Red, Gabrielle’s Wish, Ten Acre. Dancers from Moston Arts.

Your Actions Are My Dreams, Tate St Ives, 2009
Costumes by Richard Nicoll and Nasir Mazhar. Music by Stuart McCallum. Directed by Nico Wasserman, edited by Zac Grant. Courtesy Tate Digital, Tate, London 2020

The Ultimate Form, The Hepworth Wakefield, 2013
Choreography by Kenneth Tindall. Dancers, Northern Ballet: Hannah Bateman, Jessica Morgan, Michela Paolacci, Nicola Gervasi, Kevin Poeung. Music by Stuart McCallum. Costumes by Richard Nicoll. Film by Alban Roinard. Commissioned by The Hepworth Wakefield in association with Northern Ballet. Tate St Ives/ St Ives Theatre/ February 2014.

Children of the Mantic Stain, 2015
Choreography by Kenneth Tindall. Dancers, Northern Ballet: Giuliano Contadini, Nicola Gervasi, Jessica Morgan. Music by Maxwell Sterling. Costumes by Christopher Shannon. Carpet, ‘Diagrams of Love: Marriage of Eyes’, tufters Jonathan Cleaver, Vana Coleman and Dennis Reinmüller, Dovecot Studios. Film by Daniel Warren. British Art Show 8, Leeds Art Gallery 2015.

Bower of Bliss, 2020
Dancers, Lauren Fitzpatrick and Kirstin Halliday. Costumes by Louise Gray. Music by Maxwell Sterling. Cinematography by Fatosh Olgacher. Commissioned by Glasgow Women’s Library and Glasgow International 2018. With thanks to Chatsworth House