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Whilst we’ve been closed, Visitor Assistant Andrew Smith has been caring for a number of plant cuttings from the Kettle’s Yard House.

There have always been plants at Kettle’s Yard and they are an integral part of the collection. The plants in the House are a favourite part for both the staff and visitors.

The plants are important and constantly changing, so it’s inevitable that they die, need to be pruned or become leggy and misshapen and have to be replaced. Since we reopened in February 2018 I have taken cuttings, primarily for use in the House, but also for staff members and for the shop to provide in exchange for donations.

When the Covid-19 closure was announced I took a wide range of cuttings, just in case any of the plants in the House didn’t survive.

Pelargonium cuttings

Luckily, mid-March was a good time to take cuttings and they’re thriving. The Begonia Rex and Tiger’s Paw Begonia are developing leaves and new branches, one is even in flower. Two types of Tradescantia and several types of Pelargonium are well established. The Grape Ivy (Cissus Rhombifolia), was slower to get going, two out of three didn’t root and the third was doing nothing, but it has suddenly burst into life! Similarly, two Hoya cuttings, which I’d practically given up on, have now started to show evidence of growth.

When we closed I had some Pelargonium plants that were ready to find new homes. Some are now so big that I’ve had to pot them on.

Tradescantia cuttings
Tiger’s Paw Begonia cuttings
Begonia Rex cuttings
Tradescantia Pallida cuttings