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Kettle’s Yard is full of objects that reflect and refract the light to create rainbows.

When Jim Ede put Kettle’s Yard House together, he carefully placed artworks and other beautiful objects so that they would catch the light and reflect it in different ways over the course of a day. Jim loved to photograph how the light moved across the room as the sun moved across the sky. He would invite visitors to sit down and enjoy these changing details.

At Kettle’s Yard, we love to take our own photos of this light and the rainbows it can create. Inspired by the rainbows that have appeared in windows across the country, here is a selection of rainbows that our staff have captured at Kettle’s Yard.

Rainbow on Constantin Brancusi’s Prometheus – photo by Lauren Clemmet


Rainbows in the Dancer Room – photo by Rebecca Lindum Greene


Rainbows on Michael Pine’s Construction – photo by Lauren Clemmet


Rainbow beams in the Upstairs Extension – photo by Beatrix Houston-Black


A tiny rainbow on the rim of the Bechstein piano – photo by Gavin Leuzzi


Rainbows and shadows in the Bechstein Room – photo by Lauren Clemmet

Over to you…

One of the best places to find reflections and rainbows is the window in the ‘Bridge’ – an area of Kettle’s Yard where plants, stones and shells have been placed in a window that catches the afternoon light. Have a look at our live webcam on a sunny afternoon – can you spot any rainbows?