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24 June 2020


Circuit member Gigi Learmond shares what Circuit have been doing as a group since lockdown started.

Circuit are a group of 18-25 year olds who work on a range of creative projects with Kettle’s Yard and Wysing Arts Centre. Normally we meet once a week at Kettle’s Yard, with a session at Wysing every month. In this lockdown situation we find ourselves unable to continue Circuit as we once knew it, but we have still managed to carry on in a digital format.

We started our new zoom meetings by trying to pick up from our last projects. We had been working towards running a Circuit social workshop inspired by Linderism, and still wanted to make this happen, but to find a way to do this digitally.

Through brainstorming and mapping out ideas we thought of how to create this Circuit Virtual Social. We still wanted this to be linked to Linderism and Linder’s work and so we pulled out ideas from things we had previously done in Circuit sessions based off her work. We tested out lots of different online collaborative whiteboards where we can draw, add images and text. Using these tools, we managed to create a lot of different activities to be part of our digital event.

Circuit Virtual Social on Zoom

The format of the Circuit Virtual Social was a zoom call which split off into breakout groups – one of which was live-streamed on our Circuit Instagram page. Circuit members then led the different activities. One was thinking about Linder’s work and the words that could be associated with it. We then combined these words in new ways and created our own images from these combinations of words. Linder also connects the body and food a lot, so this was something we also played around with and used images of food and created our own bodies out of these images. There were a few technical issues, but all in all it was a success. People joined us from across the world and everyone appeared to enjoy it. We have had feedback that people want another Circuit Social so this is something we are planning for Tuesday 21st July.

In another meeting we worked with artist Marcus Coates, who is doing a project with Kettle’s Yard in the underground cave in Royston. It is covered in a lot of different symbols, and people are not quite sure how far back they’re dated. It is a really interesting space to go in. Marcus leads groups down there where they will propose a question and he will take them through a guided meditation to let the unconscious imagination take control and potentially come up with the answers to these questions or new thoughts. In our meeting with him we had a go at going through this guided meditation and then came up with our own question of “how do we show compassion without a common enemy?” We were thinking about reflecting on our time in lockdown and how right now there’s been a lot of kindness around, but we are worried this won’t last when the lockdown lifts. It was a really powerful conversation and we all left thinking deeply.

In our meetings we continue to reflect together on Circuit and what is currently going on in our lives. I thought going digital after Kettle’s Yard and Wysing closed wouldn’t really work, but it’s been so great managing to continue Circuit in this new format and keep connecting with each other. It has allowed us to continue being creative, try new things which we wouldn’t have done otherwise and also remember what day of the week it is!

Circuit Virtual Social on Zoom