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Monday: Closed
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: 11am – 5pm
Thursday: 11am – 5pm
Friday: 11am – 5pm
Saturday: 11am – 5pm
Sunday: 11am – 5pm

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Every year Kettle’s Yard has to raise over 50% from donations and the money we earn through our shop and café.

We receive just 37% of our income from the University of Cambridge and Arts Council England. Combined with our modest endowment, this makes up less than half of what we need to cover our costs.

Has Covid-19 affected Kettle’s Yard’s financial situation? 

Due to the pandemic we have had months of closure and are now reopening with a much-reduced visitor capacity – the financial impact of this is extreme – we are facing a drop in our income of 30% (£500,000). This means we now have an even bigger gap between what we are committed to spend and what we need to raise through donations and commercial activities.

How can you help?

Half a million pounds seems like a lot of money but, even with a third less visitors, if everyone who visited donated £10 we would exceed this target.

If you are a frequent visitor to Kettle’s Yard or want to support us in a longer-term way, you could join the Friends or Patrons, or give a regular donation. This income is really important to our future planning and gives us the confidence to commission artists and musicians, as well as undertake larger scale conservation projects, present international exhibitions and support our community with dedicated creative activities both on and offsite.

Open House Gathering and Feast, 2017. Photo: Josh Murfitt

Where does your donation go?

Donations are essential to Kettle’s Yard. We simply wouldn’t be able to open the doors without them.

The majority of one-off donations, if they are not for a specific appeal, support our artistic programme which is the beating heart of Kettle’s Yard. It is also, except for staffing, the most expensive part of what we do. This includes support for exhibitions, conservation work and research into the house and collection, as well as our public programme, which includes free activities for all ages.

Further information on what your donations can do can be found here.