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The Invigilators blog

This is what you might find in Kettle’s Yard if you are lucky enough to visit us on a clear day. Low and sheer walls of light slide through the house, cutting the rooms into pieces, and transforming the space into a moving collage of light.

A hanging lens rotates gently.

Seen from the side it has become a flecked gemstone – beautifully flawed and intricate.

Compare this with George Kennethson’s alabaster carving: it isn’t transparent like the lens, but still preserves the hidden structure and intricacies of the material. His sculpture evokes a desert monolith when viewed in direct sun.



In fact, it almost emits its own mysterious light. You can imagine pulling a blind over the window and for a moment this inner glow remains.
Maitec’s wood carving, on the other hand, doesn’t let any light in (or out); the holes almost make up for this though, and seen from the right angle it too can shine.


Turn your head and the shadow cast by the same sculpture is a rare enough treat – and always combines with the Ben Nicholson above – but try and get a glimpse of this fleeting moment.


A sunbeam catches the filament of a passing cloud, and just before the cloud obscures it completely, the edges of the projection are momentarily diffused. Multiple angles are overlayed in shadow – the light has split the image.


Patterns emerge in other, unexpected, ways. Looking through a glass ball you can see an empty miniature-frame which once held a Rembrandt.


Multiplied by the air bubbles it is miniaturised further.


So come and chase shadows in the house, whether you’re are a first time visitor or an old hand, but be quick before dull Spring crashes the party.

~ Tom Noblett

Tom works in the house every Wednesday and Friday. Drop in between 2-4pm on a sunny day and he will show you where to find the best shadows.