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This July, Kettle’s Yard hosted four Year 10 work experience students – three from our partner school North Cambridge Academy and one from Comberton Village College.


My name is Sajan and I went to Kettle’s Yard for work experience between July 1st and July 5th.Throughout the week we got to explore different jobs needed to run Kettle’s Yard whilst also getting to learn a bit of the history behind the museum. On Monday we learnt about archiving with one of the staff and the importance of checking and storing artefacts/letters in the correct order. On Tuesday we learnt about communications and the need to commercialise Kettle’s Yard to the public in order to get more visitors, for example ads in walls or any social media platforms. We also met a graphic designer the same day who told us how to catch the public’s eye to get more visitors for example the colour and wording of leaflets, a leaflet shouldn’t be too grey or too colourful. On Wednesday we met a facilities manager and saw the work behind the scenes such as air purifiers, natural lighting hotspots etc. It was enjoyable to see the finer and more unnoticed details behind Kettle’s Yard which I also consider an art. On Thursday we met a financial assistant who showed us the expenditure of Kettle’s Yard and how they get the money. We learnt about the key areas where donation is most likely and some possible schemes to improve donation per year.


I’m Isabel and I’m a Year 10 from Comberton Village College on work experience at Kettle’s Yard. This week I have learnt how much work it takes to conserve and restore artworks and how expensive it is. I learnt that its really difficult to look after the art in the house, especially things like chairs as the public are allowed to sit on them, and that the friends’ and patrons’ money helps to pay for conservation of things like this. Additionally, there is a really complicated light system as some light intensities and UV light can be damaging to the art. Technology like this is really important otherwise artists won’t want their work in the exhibitions.


During my week at Kettle’s Yard I learnt many things and did lots of different activities that were really enjoyable to do. On the Monday we learnt all about archiving and the correct way to handle the letters and photos to prevent them from being damaged. On day 2 we learnt all about communications, social media and how to advertise Kettle’s Yard correctly. Day 3 we were taken around the house by Steve and shown how the building works and all the jobs that the facilities manager does on a day to day basis. The next day we helped with many different jobs and started to create the St Luke’s 50th anniversary card. I enjoyed many of these activities. I would say that my favourite of them was the tour with Steve as it taught me many things about what goes on inside a building behind the scenes such as that you have to control how much UV light shines on the art so it doesn’t get damaged and that there are no water sprinklers in the rooms where the art work is as they can damage and destroy the work. Furthermore it gave me insight into the different careers that are available in the future and inspired me to think of what I wanted to do in the future for a career choice.


At my time in Kettle’s Yard I enjoyed and learned a lot of different things from many of the activities throughout the week. One of the things that I really enjoy learning was Steve’s background jobs. I never knew that all the notes  books and pictures had to be kept in an optimum temperature and humidity to reduce the damage taken place. This is really important because then others may not be able to learn from Jim’s work. I also learnt that certain types of light like UV rays can harm the work of many art works. I did not have a favourite part of the week as I enjoyed it all on the same level.