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July 2021

In July last year Kettle’s Yard published its Anti-Racism Action Plan. A working Action Plan was drawn up by an Anti-Racism Working Group which all Kettle’s Yard staff were invited to join. The working Action Plan was endorsed by our governing body, and incorporates contributions from a staff survey. It sought to identify and address systemic racism and anti-Blackness as they manifest at Kettle’s Yard. It aimed to set out concrete and measurable actions, with a timeline and commitment of resources, to contribute to structural change in the organisation.

When we drafted our Action Plan we did not foresee ongoing closures and furloughing of staff as a result of the continuing Covid-19 pandemic. As a result of the ongoing pandemic and a staff restructure Kettle’s Yard has not had the capacity to achieve all of the actions set out in the original plan. However, we have achieved actions in a number of areas and below we set out a revised timetable for actions that have had to be delayed.

The following action plan quotes from the original action plan with the updates in italics under each point.

Note about terminology: The Working Group, taking into account comments from the Anti-Racism Survey, has decided to use the term Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC) throughout this document. We are continuing to discuss language used in the Plan based on ongoing feedback from staff and will revise as appropriate.

Programme & Collection

In addition to continuing to foreground BIPOC artists in our exhibition programme, we commit to the following action points.

In 2020 and 2021 the majority of the exhibition programme had to be postponed due to the pandemic. We did not cancel any exhibitions. Untitled: Art on the conditions of our time should have opened in 2020 it has now opened in July 2021 and Sutapa Biswas: Lumen which should have also opened in 2020 is now opening in October 2021.

Summer 2020 and ongoing

Our working Research Strategy has decolonisation as one of its core agendas. We will continue to resource research that explores colonial contexts at Kettle’s Yard, as well as disseminate existing and new postcolonial research.
New research into the work of artist Avinash Chandra (1931 – 1991) is being undertaken and a display of his work is planned for February – June 2022. A number of Chandra paintings (in the collection, but not on public display) will be installed in the House for the next five years. A renewed Research Strategy being developed during 2021/22 will include a commitment to research the colonial contexts in which the art and objects in the Kettle’s Yard House were acquired and their subsequent display and interpretation. This new knowledge will inform published guides and public engagement material. 

By Summer 2021

We will commit funding to create a BIPOC interpretation focus group. This will inform a review of interpretation resources and strategies in relation to the House, collection and exhibitions.
This has had to be postponed due to ongoing pandemic. We aim to achieve this by Summer 2022.

Organisational Structure & Culture

Summer 2020 and ongoing

We will stimulate an anti-racist culture at Kettle’s Yard by sharing anti-racism resources among staff on the Intranet, and starting an anti-racism discussion group in October 2020.
Since publishing this plan we have been sharing resources among all staff and a discussion group, open to all staff and separate from the Working Group, continues to meet.

Commit to increased HR support to enable the implementation of the actions throughout this plan.
The new staff structure includes additional HR support from July 2021.

Make the Action Plan a standing agenda item at staff meetings.
The Action Plan has become a regular item on the agenda of our new Housekeeping Team Meetings (to which all staff are invited).

Promote an anti-hierarchical and transparent organisation by clarifying and opening out decision-making processes. Continue to encourage skills development across the organisation, and implement 360 degree evaluation and reverse mentoring.
Minutes and reports from committee meetings are now shared with all staff. Due to many staff being on furlough during the pandemic the evaluation and mentoring has not been possible to implement. The new staff team (as a result of the restructure) includes enhanced HR support which will support this action.

Advocate for anti-racist action in our inter-organisational networks, including the University of Cambridge Museums (UCM) and Plus Tate Network.
Kettle’s Yard staff are active members of UCM networks and groups, as well as Plus Tate and Engage. As part of these networks staff have been involved in recent discussions on the subject of anti-racism and decolonising collections.

By Spring 2021

In order to better understand where we are, we will audit the following areas: programme since reopening in February 2018, current staff, volunteers, freelance and contract staff, and supporters’ schemes. Looking ahead, we will devise an audit strategy to gather ongoing experiences of our staff, partners, artists and audiences.
This has had to be postponed due to ongoing pandemic and resultant lack of staff capacity due to furlough. We aim to achieve this by Summer 2022.

The Action Plan will inform the future strategy and vision to be set out in the forthcoming staff review.
The Anti-Racism Action Plan working group provided a detailed response to the proposed restructure and this informed the final agreed restructure.

By Summer 2021

Publish Access, Fundraising, Programming, and Research strategies and policies on our website.
Due to furlough of many members of staff during the pandemic we have not yet published strategies and policies relating to these areas. We aim to do so by Summer 2022.

By Autumn 2021

Openly recruit a new Black member to the Kettle’s Yard Committee, which currently has no Black members (there are already two Committee members of colour). The Action Plan will become a standing agenda item at Committee meetings.
Openly recruit a new BIPOC member to the Kettle’s Yard Music Committee, which currently has no BIPOC members.
We will be recruiting new members for the Music and Kettle’s Yard committees in 2022/23. The Action Plan has been added to the agenda of Committee Meetings.

Training & HR

Summer 2020 and ongoing

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we are committed to protecting our BIPOC Visitor Services staff, who face disproportionate risks relating to the virus.
We continue this commitment during the ongoing pandemic.

By Winter 2020

We will develop clear processes specific to Kettle’s Yard for reporting on and responding to incidents of racism and anti-Blackness, including microaggressions. We will better understand the existing University procedures, communicate these to staff, and support anyone who wants to make a formal report to the University.
We published a tool last year for anonymous reporting of incidents which included links to resources and procedures already existing in the University. Relevant new guidance and support material published by the university is communicated to staff.

By Summer 2021

We will provide annual, bespoke, day-long anti-bias and anti-racism training for all staff and members of the Kettle’s Yard Committee. In addition to the ‘Understanding Unconscious Bias’ and ‘Equality and Diversity Essentials’ training that all staff currently have to undertake, we will improve access to other anti-racism training courses.
This has been postponed to Autumn 2021/Spring 2022 when we hope to carry out this training in person. During the year many staff have attended online training sessions in these areas. We share all relevant training opportunities with all staff.

The Working Group will devise an organisational Code of Conduct. It will be made accessible to all staff, visitors and those we work with, including in contracts, on the website and at events.
The code of conduct is currently being devised, to be shared by the end of the year.


By Autumn 2020

We will redesign our recruitment processes, including by seeking to commit to interview at least one BIPOC candidate for all new appointments.
We have redesigned our recruitment practice as described above, and involved BIPOC members in recruitment panels. In addition we have sought new avenues for advertising opportunities, such as Creative Access.  

By Spring 2021 and ongoing

Overhaul our paid placement programme, expanding access and offering experience in any area – including Programme, Development, Events, Communications and Operations – and reviewing whether the placement can be open to BIPOC candidates only for at least three years.
Due to the pandemic this has been postponed to 2022, however we have begun the internal conversations and planning for the placement programme.

Dedicate staff capacity to researching how to increase BIPOC representation among our suppliers and contractors, including events facilitators, exhibition and publication production contractors, and stockists for the Shop.
New supplier and contractor lists have been and continue to be produced and used and as a result we have worked with new BIPOC suppliers and contractors.


Summer 2020 and ongoing

We will use our communications channels to amplify anti-racist actions by artists, peers and partners.
We continue to commit to this.

By Summer 2021

Commit resources to conduct a focus group made up of BIPOC audience members in order to understand motivations for engaging/not engaging with Kettle’s Yard in order to inform future strategy.
This has had to be postponed due to ongoing pandemic. We aim to achieve this by Autumn 2022.


By Summer 2021

We will create and publish an ethical policy about sources of income that we will apply for and accept. We will continue to undertake due diligence on all opportunities for sponsorship, corporate partnerships, brand partnerships and venue hire.
We aim to create and publish an ethical policy about sources of income by Summer 2022.