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He once went back, I think it was when Jeremy Lewison started to be curator. Having not been back for ages, I was there some of the time with him. He was very excited about Jeremy starting and he rushed around getting things back to normal, which they weren’t. I don’t remember who was in charge before, whoever it was, and whoever it could be, it would always have been like this, that Jim had lots to do tidying it all up and getting it the way it ought to be. I mean, even if a saint had been looking after it, that would have happened. But before that, in Edinburgh, the first week or so, he was very happy that he’d left Kettle’s Yard and felt all was well and then he began to worry and he became extremely miserable and Mummy became extremely miserable too of course. So, at any rate, that cheered him up, this visit to Kettle’s Yard to get things right for Jeremy’s starting. But he didn’t get over these miseries really. There was a lot of argument about the Gaudier drawings upstairs in the attic. He was constantly putting the dilemma to me at any rate and I found it very difficult to know what to say. You know, there’s some method of doing something that he thought was right and nobody else did, or not many people did, and should he insist on this course that was right or should he adapt? Well, he never wanted to adapt. It made us not enjoy his company for a while because he was behaving as somebody bereaved.