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Kettle’s Yard House and Gallery will be re-opening from 14 August 2020. You can keep up to date with the latest information here.

House, galleries, café and shop: Friday – Sunday 11am – 5pm

Free, timed entry tickets to the House and galleries will be available online from 5 August.

Last entry to the House is at 4.20pm

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This whole tussle between, you know, should the collection grow or should the collection stay static and to what extent should works be added? There were some particular works that were wanted to be donated to Kettle’s Yard and I think work came about through Alan Bowness really and, you know, how you integrate… I think this donation in the end ended up in Helen’s bathroom so it didn’t actually disrupt the… but I think that represented one of the dilemmas for Kettle’s Yard and I remember at the time suggesting to the committee, though I didn’t really have the experience or the drive to take it through, that maybe one way round this was to actually create Kettle’s Yard as a centre, a sort of archival centre for, you know, English… St Ives School and the artists around and that funding maybe could be found to build it up as a proper centre of excellence for that. You know, that did seem one way round trying to preserve the holistic nature of what existed at Kettle’s Yard but actually also keep it alive and keep the intellectual understanding and the historical knowledge around it going. How do you keep it alive and make it relevant without destroying it?